My husband was out of town. The housework got a little backed up. It finally got to me. So I tackled it with gusto. Mainly the kitchen of course. It was so satisfying to see the end of the dishes… and I smiled feeling pleased with myself as I released the stopper to drain the sink…and went to switch the laundry. When I came back into the kitchen I was annoyed to see the water was still standing in the sink.

So I tackled it in my normal “hubby’s not home to fix it” fashion. I ran hot water into the still standing water… squirted in a few squirts of soap to release it… if it was a grease clog 8 out of 10 times this works.

A Half hour later checked and it was still clogged. Ran the hot water trick again… some have taken several tries. Now I was in full-on Powderpuff Plumber mode!!! That’s what I call my girlie approach to any issue I am not real familiar with… technically.

When I found the sink was being especially stubborn, I went for my next tool of the trade… so to speak. I went to the bottle of bleach. Usually this works really well to break up super stubborn clogs… just pour a cup or 2 down the drain and wait an hour or two before trying the hot water again. Unfortunately my son didn’t know I had a clog in the sink and so he ran some cold water into it. The trouble I have in my kitchen is I have a double sink, with only one drain… and its an old farmhouse. Yes plumbing is ever an issue.

So when the bleach failed as well I was not impressed. I decided maybe I had been tackling the wrong sink. So I repeated the aforementioned steps in the other side. Still clogged up, but I did manage to get it going at a slow drain. So each time I tried something else I had to wait awhile so the water could drain out.

Then I went for the plunger. The plunger I have is a black one with the extra pop down and it works real well for me. I plunged and ran hot water and squirted dish soap alternately about 3 sinkfuls, drain/ fill/ plunge/ drain/ fill/ plunge… And then I saw it… those MAGICAL tiny bubbles seeping up… so I plunged again… more bubbles and bigger… plunged again and lo….yes we have DRAINAGE!!!!!!!!


Ran the hot water into BOTH sides with more dish soap… and will continue to do so periodically throughout the day.

How much do you think I saved off a so-called Professional Plumber??? One hundred? More like 2 or 300 right?

You Go, PowderPuff Girl!!!


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