3000+ Following on Pinterest

Amazmerizing screenshot cap 3000 followers Pinterest 2015

By Amazmerizing
Lady Nona Luna

Wow! The fact of making it to over THREE THOUSAND followers on Pinterest makes me almost giddy.
That’s quite an achievement even if I must say so myself. For those regular followers out there you all know I just really love my Pinterest. It is definitely one of my most favorite websites.

Yup, Pinterest easily trumps out Yahoo, Craigslist, Facebook and Twitter, Scrapbookflair, Hubpages, even Google and Myspace.

I do have to say though that Pinterest is only barely ahead of my beloved YouTube. Those DIY tutorials on there really cant be beat.

But still…it was a long process. And I was watching too. And waiting. And getting more and more impatient… until that super magical moment when I logged into my account and saw plain as day 3002 followers!!!

OHhhhh YEAhhhhh!!! Suh-WEET!!!



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