What A Day

By Amazmerizing
Lady Luna

Have you ever had too many things going at once? I do all the time!

Just now I’m cleaning the kitchen, puttering around washing a few dishes… had to stop and check the wax melting on the stove to wax up my cheese… oh yeah have to get the counter area and cheeses prepared… oh yeah baby 4 new cheese blocks…

Wash some more bowls and pans up… and stop to put more dishes that are now dry away to make more room… and there’s that fresh plastic jug to rinse out for my water storage… and while I’m at it I just go ahead and fill up my 5 gallon bucket of torn up recycled paper to get the pulp saturated and working…

And there’s those bell peppers still sitting on the counter from yesterday to cut up for the freezer; what a deal on those…mmm later…

And yeah, I gotta get these dishes washed for those bottles so I can bottle up my new batch of apple cider vinegar… and oh no the kitchen compost bucket is full… gotta set it out and let the cat out…

OH No; now I need a new hand towel… and end up throwing a load of towels in the wash…

Now I want to check on my pickled eggs… tweak the brine a little… gotta check my kefir later, too; which I wanna strain out for the whey and soon I will have my next batch of fresh ricotta … oh and my cantaloupe seeds are drying wonderfully; almost done…singing

Yay!!! Halfway done in the kitchen!!!

The cheeses are hardening on the counter and the wax is cooling down on the stove. Went to grab some stuff out of the chest freezer for the taco muffins for tonite.

And that’s only 2 hours of my day!!! Now I need a break! At least long enough to write up this post.

And that my friends is why women are the queens of multitasking.

And how is your day going?



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