1. People tailgating!

  2. Not lowering hi-beams at night.

  3. When your in the fast lane and want to move over but that one vehicle zooms up behind on the other side so quick it almost sideswipes 3 cars, including yours!!!

  4. In between 2 semi trucks, as well as following one and one comes up behind… In a V W Bug!!!

  5. The “you go ahead, … no, you go ahead” thing.

  6. The never ending redlight. Conversely, the one and a half second light.

  7. Cars that think parking lots are freeways.

  8. Nobody ever slows for bad weather or construction.

  9. Slow crawl whenever any police car is spotted.

  10. Taking up 2 parking spots. Also parking too close to other car doors.



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