The Easy Way to Track a Cell Phone or Even to Track an Automobile

Thanks for the great post! Tons of useful information. I love how you told about the problem and your solutions… kudos! The prey sounds like a great app… definately looking into it for my sons laptop and cell… also think the instaboost sounds fabulous… going to that website now! Namaste!

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Do you want to add cell phone tracking to your phone for theft protection? That is easy to do with several different apps available for iPhones and Android phones. The app I installed recently is available free of charge. If the phone is lost or stolen, I can open a web browser on any computer and see where the phone is at this moment. I can then call the police and tell them precisely where the phone is located. It even works when the phone is not stolen but simply lost when it slipped down between the cushions in the living room couch. Even better, from my web browser I can lock the phone, erase all personal data on the phone, make the phone sound an alarm, and even display a message on the phone’s screen. Not bad for a free app!

I am so pleased with the app that…

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